Sleepy Cat - Men's T-Shirt
Sleepy Cat - Men's T-Shirt
Sleepy Cat - Men's T-Shirt
Sleepy Cat - Men's T-Shirt

Sleepy Cat - Men's T-Shirt

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We could learn a thing or two from our feline friends who are able to fall asleep at any time, under all sorts of circumstances.

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Here are some facts on why we sleep and how to sleep better:

  • Warm-blooded animals use up a big amount of energy for the maintenance of body temperature and other related functions. This energy is replenished during sleep.
  • Sleep deprivation affects people in many ways, including their reaction time, ability to clearly think, and memory retention. A lack of sleep affects mood, which can create a vicious cycle that magnifies stress, depression, anxiety, and problems with relationships.
  • Exercise is a great way to promote sleep--but not if you work out late at night. The body takes about 4 to 6 hours to cool down after exercise. A hot bath or shower closer to bedtime is more advisable than hard exercise. 
  • Alcohol disrupts the normal sleep cycle. According to Dr. Alex Chediak, "Four hours into sleep, alcohol wears off and leaves you in an excitable state." 
  • Instead of booze, focus on having meals at the same time daily. This consistency in schedule is supportive to the body's internal clock.
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