Rescue Cat: Juliet's Story


Welcome to Meow Meow Shirts, and thanks for joining us on our first blog post!

There are some quick facts about me (Jess) and Juliet (kitty) on the about us page.

We thought we'd share a little bit about Juliet's background and her shelter cat story.

FUN FACT #1: She was an impromptu Valentine's Day gift 💖


[Jess and Dan at the Ringling Museum, Sarasota]

My boyfriend (Dan) and I were out walking around one evening in 2017.

As we walked by a pet store, I turned to Dan and said, "Let's go in."

I sailed into the store while Dan stayed near the entrance, where the shop had a small section for adoptable cats.

We saw a small and cute grey cat miserably curled up in a corner. She turned her head back to lock eyes with us when we went up close to the container.

Her nickname at the shop was "Amber" because of her yellow-orange eyes.


[Taken the day after we brought her home!]

One of the pet shop associates told us that she would be adopting Amber if nobody wanted her. Amber was eating several cans of Fancy Feast only per day. Most people figured that this would get expensive.

We decided to get her anyway. 

Dan asked me what we should name her. Since I couldn't come up with something on the spot (we hardly knew her personality, just yet), Dan suggested "Juliet."

Just before we drove off, he wished me a "Happy Valentine's!" 

Both me and Juliet were very quiet on the way back home.

It was the first time I was going to have a cat as a pet. 

Would I know what to do? What if the cat turned out to be naughty? 

So many what if's...

FUN FACT #2: Odyssey of the Worms


Juliet was a bit sickly when we brought her back.

She was coughing and sneezing for the first couple of weeks. We had a complimentary vet check-up -- the vet told us to keep an eye on the cold/coughing.

We bought a small bag of Purina Beyond grain-free dry cat food. We put a few pieces on top of some Fancy Feast to see if she'd eat it. She did.

It wasn't long before she coughed up some half-digested food.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed some tiny, strange white substances wriggling about. Juliet looked shocked and meowed sadly at the worms I was looking at. 

We made another appointment to see the vet.

The morning of the appointment, Juliet coughed something out again. This time, there were several long and huge worms! I bagged them and we brought it to the vet, who confirmed it was roundworms.

The vet gave us some syringe medication. Since then, we've been using food-grade diatomaceous earth to keep new worms at bay.

Now that Juliet doesn't have any more roundworms, she eats a sensible diet (one small can of wet food per day with 1-2 servings of Purina Beyond dry food).

FUN FACT #3: Princess Meow đź‘‘


We enjoy spoiling Juliet and have told her that she never needs to go dumpster diving for food ever again.

How about you? What's your kitty's rescue story?

Leave a comment or contact us to share your shelter cat story.

Cheers to all of us who rescued (or were rescued) by our feline friends!

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